PMFS provides a full range of specials classes for students in all grades, Pre-K through Sixth Grade.
Special Teachers infuse classroom curriculum with their expertise to co-create a rich student experience; they are proud to be able to follow the children throughout their years Plymouth, forming deep bonds with our students  until their graduation in Sixth Grade and well beyond. The collaborative, interdisciplinary work in Specials classes builds upon and extends class-specific themes.

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  • Art

    Students in Art build confidence in their ability to visually communicate, while celebrating innovation and creative potential.
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  • Drama

    Drama rests on the simple belief that a student’s unique voice can be expressed and amplified through the vehicle of performance.
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  • Library

    The essence of Library is fostering a love of knowledge and information that connects students to their own learning, their immediate communities, and the world around them.
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  • Music

    Students explore musical concepts and understanding through instrumental play, physical movement, project-based learning, and art.
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  • P.E.

    The Quaker value of Community is incorporated into lessons in the gym through teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperative learning games.
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  • Science

    Science lessons are student driven, placing students in the role of explorers and the teacher as a guide.
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  • Spanish

    Students learn (2-4 x/week) to use Spanish through active listening, meaningful interactions and natural communication.
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