Tuition & Assistance

What makes PMFS so special?

PMFS is committed to making our program accessible to a diversity of families, knowing that diversity of all kinds is the foundation of a strong globally conscious community.

Value and Affordability

We appreciate the enormous investment that our families make to provide a strong foundation for their child’s future through their commitment to joining the Plymouth Meeting Friends School community. The lessons students learn at PMFS will, literally, last a lifetime.

In the 2021-22 school year, 65% of our students receive tuition assistance, with PMFS awarding more than $650,000 aid. Moreover, in 2021-22, the average tuition for students in Kindergarten–Sixth Grade was $15,200. A limited number of full and exceptional aid awards reduced tuition even lower. All tuition assistance awards are made on the basis of financial need.

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  • What does tuition include?

    • Before-school Care (starting at 7:30 am)
    • Day field trips
    • Books and instructional materials
  • What additional fees do families pay?

    Admission and Enrollment Fees
    • Application Fee: $50
    • Enrollment Deposit (Credited toward tuition): $750
    Overnight Trip Fees
    Experiential learning at its best, PMFS overnight trips increase students’ resilience, build on their curiosity, provide opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth… Oh, and they are great adventures too!
    • First Grade: $150
    • Second Grade: $150
    • Third Grade: $350
    • Fourth Grade: $400
    • Fifth Grade: $1,900*
    • Sixth Grade: $540
    *Financial aid is available for the Mexican Exchange Program

    Optional Programs with Fees
    • Beyond the Bell, our after-school program, between 3:00 and 6:00 pm
    • Vacation Care (on select days when school is closed)
    • PTO-run food program
  • Tuition Payment Plans

    Tuition may be paid in one of three ways:
    • One payment of full tuition (with 1% discount)
    • Two payments, July and December
    • Ten monthly payments,  July - April
    First payments are due July 1. Families are automatically registered with Tuition Management when signing an Enrollment Contract and may use that system to pay their tuition and check due dates.

2023-24 Tuition

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  • Pre-K -- 3 full days

  • Pre-K -- 4 full days

  • Pre-K -- 5 full days

  • Kindergarten

  • Grades 1 - 2

  • Grades 3 - 6

Tuition rates are approved annually by the PMFS School Committee, the governing board of the school. Holding tuition increases to a minimum is a matter of priority for the School Committee, balanced with its responsibility for the long-term health of the school.

Financing a PMFS Education

Many families are unsure how to incorporate independent school tuition into their personal budget. Plymouth Meeting Friends School is committed to helping students from diverse economic, racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds experience a transformative Plymouth education and works closely with families in attempt to ensure finances are not a barrier to attending our program. We welcome open conversations in effort to make enrollment accessible.

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  • Affordability Options to Explore

    For additional information on funding an independent school education, we encourage you to explore the resource Paying for School on the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) website and read Myths about Financial Aid, there too.
  • PMFS Community Scholar Program

    This long-standing program allows a select number of students in grades K-6 to have a PMFS education, with a significant decrease to the financial barriers to that education. The Community Scholarship can be renewed annually for the duration of a student's journey through Plymouth.

    Community Scholars pay $1000 in tuition yearly. Families may inquire if any Community Scholarships are available for a given year.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is need-based and available to families who cannot otherwise afford full tuition. Families who qualify will receive awards based on the tuition assistance budget for the year.
In the 2021-22 school year, 65% of our students receive tuition assistance, with PMFS awarding more than $650,000 aid. 

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  • How to Apply

    Families apply online through Clarity, an online financial aid platform, by the stated January deadline (see below). To apply,
    1. Create a parent account at the Clarity login page 
    2. Have ready: your most recent taxes, monthly and annual income and expenses
    3. Fill out the application
    4. Upload required documents
    5. Receive notification of the tuition assistance award by February 1. 
    There is a fee to submit the application. The online Tuition Assistance application is live.
  • Details and Fine Print

    Clarity is a new financial aid platform, built with the purpose of removing enrollment barriers for today's families. The platform is now available to families for completing the application.
    • In cases of divorce or separation, both households are required to submit financial information.
    • Only admitted students will have their tuition assistance application considered by the Aid Committee, although PMFS encourages families to complete the process before their admission decision. Admission applications are considered without regard to financial need.
    • Tuition assistance applications must have all required documentation for the file to be complete and ready for review.
    • Families receive their tuition assistance award with enrollment contracts, at the beginning of February. 
    • Applications made after the deadline will be considered if budgeted funds are still available.
    • A new application must be submitted each year. It is PMFS’ goal to maintain a comparable award yearly, provided ongoing family financial need and PMFS budget.
  • 2023-24 Tuition Assistance Deadlines

    • January 6, 2023 – Tuition Assistance application deadline for RETURNING families, with 2021 tax documentation 
    • January 9, 2023 – Tuition Assistance application deadline for NEW families, with 2021 tax documentation (after this date, assistance applications are considered only if funds are available)
    • By February 1, 2023 – Families are notified of tuition assistance decisions
    • April 15, 2023 – 2022 Taxes (IRS form 1040) are due, via Clarity website
    After these dates, assistance applications are considered only if funds are available.

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