Plymouth Meeting Friends School provides an education based on the Quaker belief that there is that of God in everyone. Through its nurturing environment, the school offers an intellectually challenging and creative academic program to a diverse student body. Supported by adults who model respect and understanding, students reach toward individual strengths as responsible members of a community of learners.

Our Commitment to Equity, Justice and Belonging

Compelled by the Quaker belief that there is that of God in everyone, Plymouth Meeting Friends School aspires to be an increasingly diverse, inclusive and nurturing community where everyone feels and creates a sense of belonging. 

As we educate children in their formative years, we believe that learning thrives when we understand, value and experience the transformative joy that comes with embracing differences and celebrating our authentic selves. 

Since our founding in 1780, we have been called not only to speak but to act in the service of integrity, equity and peace. 

We dedicate ourselves to working together for the eradication of systemic oppression and the promotion of justice, on our small campus and in our big world. We hold ourselves accountable for actively engaging in this ongoing work.

Educational Philosophy

In 1780, members of Plymouth Monthly Meeting established Plymouth Meeting Friends School to provide a co-educational, elementary education based on the Quaker belief that there is that of God in each person.

Children from diverse economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are welcomed into the student body. In the spirit of Friends, PMFS cultivates an environment that celebrates the world and its people with the hope that children will discover their own gifts, recognize their differences and similarities, value stewardship and service, and remain ever-curious, lifelong learners.

Plymouth Meeting Friends School promotes excellence in academics, arts, and athletics, through an integrated, developmentally-sequenced curriculum that includes service learning activities, field trips, and travel extending beyond the immediate community. Spiritual development grows from the nurturing of the whole child.


PMFS contributed to my open-minded thinking, acceptance of all others, sense of service, promotion of non-violence and peaceful mediation. I developed fundamental academic skills at Plymouth, including always questioning things!

PMFS School Committee

Since its founding in 1780, Plymouth Meeting Friends School has been under the care of the Plymouth Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). PMFS is an incorporated, not-for-profit school whose Trustees (School Committee) are responsible for the strategic oversight of the School. Trustees are nominated by the Committee on Trusteeship and brought to the Meeting and to School Committee for approval. The School Committee is composed of up to twenty-two trustees, along with three ex-officio members consisting of the Head of School, a faculty representative, and the Co-Clerks of PTO. Of the trustees, preference for selection is given to Plymouth Monthly Meeting members and attenders, and then to other Quakers. Up to ten trustees may be selected from outside of the Religious Society of Friends.

The School Committee is responsible for appointing the Head of School, setting policies and guidelines of operation, carrying out the purpose of the corporation and the School’s educational philosophy, maintaining the stability of the school through fiduciary responsibility, stewardship of the physical plant, oversight of financial assets, leadership for development, and leadership for strategic planning.

2023-24 Committee Members

Marialice Dancy (Clerk)
Fran Johnston (Assistant Clerk)
Dan Heider (Treasurer; Recording Clerk)

Nicole Armstrong
Sally Bishop
Carol Coffin
Natalie Coney, Director of Development (ex officio)
Ali Conlon
Brenda Crawley, Head of School (ex officio)
Viki Hansen-Landis, PTO Co-Clerk (ex officio
Ralph Henninger
Barbara Hoekje
Turea Hutson
Jessica Lember
Margarita Saenz, PTO Co-Clerk (ex officio)
Erin Schmitt
Sara Schwartz
Erica Shippen, Associate Head of School (ex officio)
Kelly Vidovich, Faculty Representative (ex officio)
Augusta Villanueva
Antonio C. Williams

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