Who's Who at PMFS

List of 33 members.

  • Photo of Michael Agosto

    Michael Agosto 

    Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management
  • Photo of Jessica Brady

    Jessica Brady 

    Pre-Kindergarten Asst. Teacher
  • Nayeli Quinn Camacho 

  • Photo of Natalie Coney

    Natalie Coney 

    Director of Development
  • Photo of Brenda Crawley

    Brenda Crawley 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Christy Devlin

    Christy Devlin 

    4th Grade Assistant Teacher; Drama Teacher
  • Photo of Tiffany Drees

    Tiffany Drees 

  • Kara Durant 

    Art Teacher
  • Photo of Lisa  Finley

    Lisa  Finley 

  • Photo of Audrey Henninger

    Audrey Henninger 

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Susan Holt

    Susan Holt 

    1st GradeTeacher
  • Photo of Sarah Hudson

    Sarah Hudson 

    Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
  • Photo of Jayme Krauss

    Jayme Krauss 

    Learning Support Teacher
  • Photo of Daniela Lamaison

    Daniela Lamaison 

  • Photo of Beth Ann McCabe

    Beth Ann McCabe 

  • Photo of Lizanne McGuinn

    Lizanne McGuinn 

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Linda Metzler

    Linda Metzler 

    Development Coordinator
  • Patsy Morningstar 

  • Photo of Varley Paul

    Varley Paul 

    Library Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Jonathan Perry

    Jonathan Perry 

    Director of Operations
  • Photo of Unique Ratcliff

    Unique Ratcliff 

    Assistant to the Head of School; Main Office
  • Photo of Genevieve Schmidt Camacho

    Genevieve Schmidt Camacho 

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Margaret Shea

    Margaret Shea 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Erica Shippen

    Erica Shippen 

    Associate Head of School
  • Photo of Courtney Singer

    Courtney Singer 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Madeleine  Smith

    Madeleine  Smith 

  • Photo of Will Starr

    Will Starr 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Leann Stover Nyce

    Leann Stover Nyce 

    Director of Mexican Exchange
  • Photo of Maura Sutherland

    Maura Sutherland 

    Director of Student Support
  • Photo of Sara Terry

    Sara Terry 

    School Counselor
  • Photo of Kelly Vidovich

    Kelly Vidovich 

    PE Teacher
  • Photo of Gabrielle Viscounte

    Gabrielle Viscounte 

    1st Grade Assistant Teacher
  • Photo of Emily Wagner

    Emily Wagner 


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