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  • Hugs, Reunions, and Shortcake at Strawberry Festival

    We were thrilled to welcome so many alumni home to PMFS at Strawberry Festival this year!
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  • Alumni Spotlight: Leo Brooks ('02)

    Leo Brooks, PMFS class of 2002, was inspired to become a graphic designer by international travel.
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  • Spotlight: Willard & Holly Terry

    Willard and Holly Terry, both former PMFS teachers, now retired, stopped by campus last month to donate their box of PMFS photos from the 70’s and 80’s to the school archive.
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  • The Return of Grandparents & Special Friends Day

    Everyone had a wonderful time at this year’s Grandparents and Special Friends Day. It was a joy to see the faces of students and their visitors as they interacted and celebrated PMFS through classroom and specials activities and a meaningful end of day Meeting for Worship.
    Thank you to everyone who made this intergenerational event a success! 
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  • A Teacher and Student, Reunited After 40 Years

    For the first time since he was in her class, Bryan Murray (Puzas) (class of ‘85), and Ginny Christensen (Primary teacher ‘78-’81) sat down to catch up and relive their Plymouth days over Zoom. “Hi!” said Bryan, “I think it’s only been 40 years.”
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  • Welcome, Unique!

    Unique Ratcliff joined PMFS in the Main Office on Tuesday as our new Assistant to the Head of School. She is a Philadelphia native and Temple alumna. She gained her B.A. in Journalism in 2018. Unique started her career journey in education in 2020, working as a school secretary within the Philadelphia School District. Unique transitioned to Higher Education in 2021 and is now back in elementary education where it all started. When she’s not working, Unique enjoys D-I-Y projects, cooking, and shopping.
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  • Black History Month Reading

    Last week Varley and Betsy organized impromptu reading circles in the Library with Sixth Graders and Pre-K students. The Sixth Graders took on the role of storytellers for our school's youngest students, reading a book to a small group relating to Black History Month. Sixth Graders also had a chance to try out their teaching skills with help from Varley and Betsy when they led their groups in a short discussion.
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  • Spotlight: Nancy Jackson

    We caught up with Kevin Jackson, PMFS class of 1997, to talk about his mom, Nancy Jackson, who spent more than 30 years working at Plymouth.
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  • Welcome to our Buddies from Cuernavaca, Mexico

    For the first time in 3 years, PMFS students welcomed their ‘buddies’ from our partner school in Cuernavaca, Colegio Williams. With signs and shouts of joy, our 5th and 6th graders and their families met their buddies at the airport yesterday evening. The Mexican students will stay in Pennsylvania for 2 weeks with our families and get to learn about American daily life (who knew so few had ever tried sausage for breakfast?) and culture. First stop today: downtown Philadelphia for Williams and PMFS students. Many thanks to Mexican Exchange Director Leann and 5th/6th grade teacher Tiffany for preparing the kids for the challenging and rewarding task of being a host.
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