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Plymouth Meeting Friends School remains grounded in Quaker faith and practice. The Quaker Testimonies or SPICES (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship) inform and empower us to build and sustain a community in which we see that of God in everyone. PMFS students learn that every individual in our community brings a unique gift: a voice and a perspective that will be valued. We lift up those differences and consciously seek out ways to learn more about those who bring the richness of diversity to PMFS. We know that the knowledge gained, questions asked, and conversations will strengthen PMFS students as learners, collaborators and advocates for themselves and for others.

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  • Our Commitment to Equity, Justice and Belonging

    Compelled by the Quaker belief that there is that of God in everyone, Plymouth Meeting Friends School aspires to be an increasingly diverse, inclusive and nurturing community where everyone feels and creates a sense of belonging. 

    As we educate children in their formative years, we believe that learning thrives when we understand, value and experience the transformative joy that comes with embracing differences and celebrating our authentic selves. 

    Since our founding in 1780, we have been called not only to speak but to act in the service of integrity, equity and peace. 

    We dedicate ourselves to working together for the eradication of systemic oppression and the promotion of justice, on our small campus and in our big world. We hold ourselves accountable for actively engaging in this ongoing work.
  • EJB Work & the PMFS School Committee

    The PMFS Commitment to Equity, Justice and Belonging is evidence of the School Committee’s (Board of Trustees) unwavering commitment to the Quaker values, mission and philosophy of the school. As PMFS continues to seek, welcome and support its diverse community members, the School Committee recognizes the need to reinforce our core values, especially with respect to progressing from equality to equity and articulating our anti-racism stance. Notably, the PMFS Commitment to Equity, Justice and Belonging articulates the School Committee’s leadership and our community’s understanding of the ongoing nature of EJB work and accepting accountability for that work. 
  • EJB in our school policies and practices

    PMFS views school policies and practices through the lens of our Commitment to Equity, Justice and Belonging. We seek to create and maintain a sense of belonging for all community members; and we recognize the persistent need to lift up voices typically unheard and underrepresented. In this nation rich in resources, our school strives to do better for those in need and those who are less visible. The PMFS School Committee (Board) and administration regularly examine the school’s business relationships to include the support of BIPOC and women-owned companies.
  • Faculty Professional Development

    Professional development related to topics and issues of diversity, equity and inclusion is a priority for PMFS staff. As members of a learning community, we recognize that we have room to grow as individuals and as a faculty, in order to support our students and families. Diversity work is continuous and everlasting; and we understand that discomfort and conflict are catalysts for positive change. Our work to validate, affirm, defend and empower members of the PMFS community is perpetual.  Much like the reality that child-rearing is more of a marathon than a sprint, the journey toward anti-racism, justice and equity tests our endurance. Expanding our knowledge, understanding and growth through professional development offers a sign of our readiness for that journey
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  • JADE (Justice, Anti-Racism, Diversity & Equity)

    Our work to validate, affirm and empower ourselves and others is perpetual. Much like the reality that child-rearing is more of a marathon than a sprint, the journey toward anti-racism, justice and equity tests our endurance. JADE is a PMFS parent committee that seeks to nourish a community in which all families feel a deep sense of belonging. During monthly meetings, parents expand their knowledge, understanding and growth through discussions that challenge them to develop specific plans and action steps to move towards change in our families, our immediate school community, and our broader communities.
  • GPDC (Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative)

    PMFS is a member of The Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative (GPDC), a group of small Pre-Kindergarten - 8th grade schools who support each other as their communities engage in diversity, equity and inclusion work. Small schools of young students face unique challenges and opportunities related to creating developmentally appropriate DEI activities and lessons, fostering dialogue among parents and staff about diversity, equity, and social justice topics, and promoting anti-racist ideology.
    PMFS Faculty and administrators participate in regular GPDC meetings to reflect on their own values, biases and practices and to plan engaging events for the schools they serve. GPDC member schools share a commitment to addressing issues of diversity, equity, and social justice through curriculum and resources, professional development, and school-wide events.
  • EJB in our classrooms

    Classroom discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion provide PMFS students with a greater understanding of social justice. We believe that teaching about difference, fairness and equity acknowledges the richness that diversity brings into a school community. Teaching about equity, affirmation and respect are all core values we share, and are part of the PMFS curriculum.

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