The PMFS Pre-K program welcomes children into classrooms designed to spark creativity, imagination, and the joy of investigation.

Play is the work of Pre-K students

Pre-Kindergarten at Plymouth Meeting Friends School is a joyful play-based program committed to nurturing children and a lifelong love of learning. Classes are composed of a mixed-age group of children ages 3 to 5 years old. Pre-Kindergarten presents a rich environment designed to encourage curiosity and motivate children to wonder and explore. Throughout the year, teachers support each student’s cognitive, physical and social emotional development through a blend of guided and self-directed learning opportunities. Play is the work of Pre-Kindergarten students; and play in all of its variety is at the center of learning. During indoor and outdoor play opportunities, students attend to and analyze tasks, engage in hands-on activities, projects and experiences. Pre-kindergarteners gain knowledge, build on their imagination, problem-solve, and negotiate their interactions with others. Teachers serve as facilitators and use observations from play to plan and help children meet developmentally appropriate goals. Our Quaker principles and our commitment to social justice and stewardship are woven throughout the Pre- K classroom culture and daily life.

Pre-K students benefit from being part of a larger school setting

The PMFS Pre-K program is nestled into the lower campus alongside Kindergarten. Pre-K has a dedicated play space and garden where students can experience their school world in an intimate and familiar setting as well as the greater campus for explorations. Our youngest students know themselves as part of the continuum of students, participating in many events alongside their older peers; they form cross-grade relationships with upper grade students through buddy classes as well as shared outdoor playtime. Students have daily enrichment classes to enhance their experience, including Gym, Spanish, Science, Music, and Library taught by PMFS specialist teachers.

Pre-K Fast Facts

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Classroom Highlights

List of 8 items.

  • 3

    2 'little' and 1 'big'
  • 1

    for climbing and play
  • 3-5

    year old students
    in a mixed age setting
  • 7

    specials classes
    on rotation each week
  • 1-2

    depending on yearly enrollment
  • 18

    children in a class
    (well, up to that number)
  • 2

    welcoming teachers
    per class
  • umpteen

    puddles to jump in
    (only when it rains)

Erin, PMFS parent

In a preschool program, we wanted a program that was play-based, emphasized nature play, and that was child-led without lacking structure. Plymouth was the clear winner… We have seen such a shift in our daughter’s confidence this year! What I am so happy about is that her confidence has not grown at the expense of her sense of compassion or care for others; rather, they have grown together. The Quaker testimonies are woven throughout life at Plymouth and it is a powerful influence in how our children interact with the world.

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