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The PMFS Experience: Small Moments & Big Milestones

The journey that children take through the PMFS program is filled with both small, meaningful moments and memorable milestones. There are numerous traditions that students consider to be uniquely Plymouth, those central experiences that build for children as they anticipate, learn through, and reflect back on them for many years. Middle School alumni ride the unicycles they learned for the circus. High school and college age alumni join easily in singing the school song when they return for the Thanksgiving Program. Adult alumni visit us and note the trees seem a little smaller than when they climbed them as a child.

Haven, `15

In a way, that’s what Plymouth is trying to teach us: that the strongest communities are made up of individuals who know themselves and are not afraid to show it.

Plymouth Traditions

Our Community

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Meaningful Collaboration

Students develop confidence, understand the power of working together, and experience the satisfaction of hard work that pays off through sustained effort and attention. They gain the courage to stretch themselves and take risks to learn and grow. They learn how to bring their best to both their individual work and a group goal, whether it’s reading a book with their reading buddy, organizing a school-wide collection of supplies for refugee families, or sharing their designs and prototypes at an Invention Convention.

Meaningful Progress

Children learn at diverse rates and in diverse ways. With expert teachers who understand benchmarks at the lead, children sometimes benefit from extra support or further enrichment for their developing skills. At PMFS, we are able to provide our students with strong integrated and supplementary learning support, whether in the form of targeted remediation or thoughtful enhancement.

Meaningful Assessments

At PMFS, we foster students remaining inquisitive, thoughtful, self-motivated, joyful learners. Our teachers craft engaging curriculum and measure progress through meaningful activities, assessments, and interactions.

Knowing that standardized tests will be part of our students’ lives as they move forward in their education, we believe it is valuable for students to practice them. Fourth and Fifth Graders take standardized tests, and PMFS compares the results to the student we know so well. At PMFS, we show children that learning time takes priority over these limited assessment tools. Standardized tests don’t allow us to learn what motivates a child to learn more, what learning style they have, or what their passions and interests are.

Liam, ’20

Plymouth means (and is) a lot of things. Plymouth means to me a school. Plymouth means to me a community. Plymouth means to me a friendship that will last forever.

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