Overnight Trips

Highly unique in an elementary school program, all 1st - 6th grade students participate in memorable and meaningful overnight experiences.
Our commitment to experiential learning and to facilitating our students’ growing resilience and independence come together in our overnight trips for 1st-6th graders. These trips, thoughtfully tied to in-class learning and themes, exemplify one of the many advantages of being part of an intentionally small school.   

From the First Graders’ excitement at their first sleepover (a single night together on campus) to the Third Graders’ 3-day trip to Wallops Island, where they are one of the youngest classes to participate in activities at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station, to the Sixth Graders’ reflections on their Plymouth journey while sitting at a final campfire at Echo Hill Outdoor School, students stretch themselves under the care of teachers. These journeys away from home are consistently among the most beloved experiences for students each year.

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