Sixth Grade Capstone

Collaborating with peers and adults, Sixth Grade students learn to constructively critique themselves and others through an experience that is both process and product driven.

Sixth graders pull together a full-scale performance where students’ growth, training, and achievement in both theatrical and musical arts is highlighted.  Over the years this performance has included musicals, dramatic shows, skit performances, to online zoom adaptations. This performance gives Sixth Graders opportunities to work together in writing scripts and dialogues, acting, singing and dancing, as well as in collaborative set and costume design, stage, and props management.

6th Grade Production

Sixth Grade students return from Winter Break excited and anxious to start collaborating. When they begin, before the process unfolds, students will not fully understand the extent of their and their classmates’ involvement in this type of full-scale production. Script writing, memorizing one’s own lines, even memorizing lines as an understudy, are only one piece of the preparation. At the start, there is choreography to learn, ensemble work to organize, set moving to maneuver, as well as responsibilities that surface later in the process, such as managing props and prompting lines.

With the goals of experiencing a full and successful theater experience, solidifying social skills, and discovering new and exciting parts of oneself, the Sixth Grade performance is a dynamic way to wrap up the Plymouth experience. Individuals learn what they are capable of while creating something magical in and for the greater PMFS community.

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