Students learn (2-4 x/week) to use Spanish through active listening, meaningful interactions and natural communication.
Integral to our curriculum, Spanish at PMFS focuses on communication and building students’ communicative competence. The basis of our everyday communication in Spanish is diverse and reflects the worldwide Spanish speaking community and cultures. Spanish class instills in students’ ownership of what they understand and know they can communicate in Spanish. Instruction takes a multidisciplinary approach that falls under the umbrella of Comprehensible Input, building on prior knowledge.
The deskless classroom allows for movement and collaboration that strengthens and grows students’ vocabulary and basic grammar through: storytelling, picture and movie talks, TPR (Total Physical Response), Content Based Instruction and songs and schemas. Each method of instruction includes Personalized Questions and Answers (PQA’s) that help the students make connections to their daily life. The vibrant history and culture of the Spanish language is incorporated into lessons through realia from Spanish speaking countries, as well as songs, poems and traditional stories that enrich those cross-cultural connections.

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