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 click the link below for
summer reading suggestions by grade:
 READING: Click the photo below
 to search the PMFS Library Catalog
 via Follett Destiny:
View the file: 2017SummerReadingListsbyGrade.pdf
4th Grade State Research Project    
CLICK HERE for everything you need to learn about your state.
4th Grade Founding Father & Mother Project    
CLICK HERE for free, reliable online resources for your research!
RESEARCH Subscription Search Apps:    

ask teachers for user name & password
              ask teachers for user name & password
FREE Kid-Friendly Internet Search Tools:    
Please use these for school work instead of Wikipedia and Google. Why? First, the tools below are all kid-friendly. Second, Wikipedia and Google are amazing when you're just curious, but when you're doing research, you need tools you can trust. The websites below will provide reliable and truthful information. 


Extensive collection of images from the Library of Congress and National Archives. Check the "licensing" box below the photo; most are free to use, share and edit provided you credit the photographer/artist. Scroll to the middle of the image search page, below "Then narrow your results by..." on the "usage rights" option: be sure to select "free to use or share" from the pull down menu.  FABULOUS copyright-Friendly images and sound portal.
NoodleTools helps you create citations, take notes, write an outline and manage the timeline of your project:
PRESENTATIONS: Show your stuff!    
Create a unique poster:
Ask teacher for a Glogster instruction sheet
The free, zoom-able presentation tool!
Free, incredibly fun and robust animation creator.
Create a custom-shaped word cloud. 


FREE, easy-to-use website creation tool.
PMFS Students' HOME Public Library Links    
HEY 4th, 5th & 6th Graders: Need a book for a research project? On islands perhaps? Maybe a rain forest animal? Or a founding mother or father? We're here to help! The list below shows the public library nearest to where each of you live. Don't see your favorite library? Tell us and we'll add it to the link list below. Click your library's name below to take you to their web page where you can "search the catalog" to look for a book. Some Public Libraries put this "search for a book" or "search the catalog" tool right on the home page, so look around for it:

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