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Before and After School Care    

Plymouth Meeting Friends School offers a before- and after-school care program to provide a low-key, safe, and fun environment for children during non-school hours. Consisting of supervised play and other group activities, the program is also offered during some holidays, school breaks, and when school is closed for professional development days. During these times it is know as vacation care.

Early morning care is provided from 7:30 to 7:45am for kindergarten through sixth grade students who arrive before classrooms open, and from 7:30 to 8:15am for pre-kindergarten students. There is no fee for this service.

Extended day (after school care) runs from dismissal to 6:00pm daily. The program is based at the school’s Journey’s End building and the pre-kindergarten building, where wooded grounds and paved areas provide space for imaginative play, biking, basketball, and other outdoor activities. The program has a staff of six: a director; two assistants and a homework aide who work with the kindergarten to sixth grade students; and two assistants who work in the pre-kindergarten building with the youngest children.

Extended Day is available on a regular full-time (five days) and regular part-time basis. Fees are paid by trimester, three times a year. Children may also attend on an occasional basis; payment must be made on the day of service. 

Please note:  The fees below are for the full year and then show the costs for the fall trimester which is 14 weeks long and for the winter and spring trimesters which are each 11 weeks long.  Fees correspond with the number of days of care in each trimester.

Extended Day Rates for 2016-17

Per Week First Child Additional Child
  Annual Cost
Fall Trimester Payment/
Winter & Spring Terms
     Annual Cost
Fall Trimester Payment/
Winter & Spring Terms
5 days     $2,580
$1,060/ each $785
$955/ each $706
4 days     $2,220
$910/ each $675
$820/ each $608
3 days     $1,800
$740/ each $545
$665/ each $490
2 days     $1,290
$530/ each $390
1 day     $   660
$270/ each $200

 Cost of occasional extended day care after school is $23 per child per afternoon. Cost of vacation care is $42 per day provided children are signed up and paid for in advance. There is a ten percent discount for the cost of vacation care for the second child in the family.

Additional After School Options
The school also offers a number of structured after school activities. These may be attended as either stand-alone activities or in conjunction with the regular extended day program. There is a fee scale for each class/activity as a stand-alone option or in combination with the regular extended day program. Some of these activities include sports activities, cartooning, and ceramics.

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