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Fun with 6th Grade Science
6th grade science is abuzz with many awesome experiments and investigations! Two weeks ago, 6th graders had a hands-on learning experience last week observing the dissection of a cow's heart in science class. All the kids watched as teacher Mike pointed out arteries, veins, ventricles, valves, atriums, vena cavas, and where the aorta would have been (that part did not make it to us). Because the heart is surrounded by fatty tissue, students used their hands to feel the different vessel openings within. The lab is part of the 6th grade's life science unit, including study of blood vessels, gas exchange, and the blood circulation pathway through the heart. Check out some pictures of the beef heart dissection!

Students have been learning how to record their observations using proper lab report formatting, which they are practicing this week through a lab observing and recording how a pill bug responds to its surroundings. 

“Learning the format for doing a science lab report through an activity gives the students a way to organize all their neat observations. Making a proper lab report is a science skill students need when they are 7th grade students in a new school,” says Mike Green, Science teacher, grades 4-6. 


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