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Primary Music Curriculum
Units of Study
Vocal development: Primary will begin the year by working on their singing voices. The students will review the fundamentals of proper singing (posture and breathing) and move to more advanced vocal exercises. In Primary we will work on ensemble and solo singing with the goal of achieving a relaxed and healthy singing voice.

Musical concepts: The Spring semester will include work on music notation (both rhythmic and melodic). Rhythmic notation will add the half note, half rest and whole note.. Melodic notation wil include the introduction of the musical staff and treble clef. Students will begin to sight-sing (read music with your voice) simple melodies using the Kodaly hand sign method.

Instrument playing: In the Spring students will have a 6-week introduction to the keyboard. They will work on correct posture, getting to know the instrument and playing notes from C to G on the right hand. Using their knowledge of music notation they will be able to read and play simple songs, such as “Hot Cross Buns” and “Mary had a little lamb.”

Music appreciation/listening:
Our second unit in the Fall will be the study of Antonio Vivaldi and one of his major works, “The Four Seasons.” Using movement, storytelling, art and drama the students will immerse themselves in the life and times of this wonderful baroque composer, become familiar with his musical style and study one of his major works in depth. In the Spring, Primary will also have a unit on opera. This year we will work on Rossini’s Cinderella.


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