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Kindergarten Music Curriculum
Units of Study
Vocal development: In Kindergarten we will begin the year reviewing our “4 voices” (whispering, speaking, calling and singing voice) and spend time learning the fundamentals of healthy singing. Through simple exercises the children will be introduced proper breathing, posture, and a relaxed vocal production. They will apply this new knowledge in the preparation of their concert songs.

Musical concepts: The Spring semester will include an intro to rhythm notation. We will focus on the quarter note and quarter rest. Students will begin to read notation using the Rhythm Stick as primary instrument. They will be able to take rhythmic dictation and write rhythms using the proper notation.

Instrument playing: Our Spring unit on Rhythm Band instruments will teach students how to play a variety of percussions instruments and play as an ensemble while reading the music notated on the board.

Music appreciation/listening: This year Kindergarten will study African American Spirituals. We will learn the history of this tradition by listening to examples of Work Songs and Spirituals and the students will learn and perform some of these works for their peers.


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