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Sixth Grade Art and Yearbook
Sixth grade focuses on helping students’ individual artistic voices blossom into projects that are personally relevant and well-crafted, and that reflect a solid understanding and referencing of art history. Through the process of inquiry, students create works of art that allude to individual research that they’ve undertaken based on their own interests. Using the entire history of art as a jumping-off point, students explore contemporary and historic ways of working and understand how artists reference and find inspiration for their work. Currently, students are working on developing tessellations on geometric solids, inspired by M.C.Escher as well as Islamic tile designs. 

Sixth grade also meets one day a week for the Art and Theater Workshop to discuss, plan, and build the school yearbook and the set pieces and costumes for the school musical. They are responsible for most visual aspects of the play, as well as the yearbook publication, including photography and design layout, and more. This class is designed to have students working independently on many pieces of a moving puzzle, in order to create something amazing as a group. 


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