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Pre-K Music Curriculum
In Pre-K, our most important goal is to expose the students to a wide variety of musical traditions and help them discover music within themselves.

Units of Study
Vocal development: As we start working on vocal development the children will learn to identify their 4 voices (whispering, speaking, calling and singing voice), the difference between them and when it is appropriate to use each. They will learn songs of various musical traditions in English and Spanish.

Musical concepts: Through a variety of songs and music games they will be introduced to the concept of steady beat, tempo and dynamics and pitch.

Instrument playing: Students will also learn about the percussion instruments through our “Show and Play” unit, where they will get the chance to play many of the different rhythm instruments such as cymbals, maracas, drums and tambourines.

Music appreciation/listening: Students will begin developing listening skills with the use of live and recorded musical examples of various musical styles.

Spanish through Music: Throughout the year we will reinforce the children’s language learning through our Spanish through Music unit. We will use terms in Spanish to reinforce our music learning and practice vocabulary through songs and music games.


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