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Music: The Beethoven Project

Back in September, the primary grades started a unit on Ludwig van Beethoven. The children were introduced to Symphonies 5, 6, 9 and the Moonlight piano Sonata and learned how to listen for and identify the emotions expressed in the music.

We read a book about Beethoven’s life and experimented how it would feel to be deaf by taking a walk and trying to follow simple commands while wearing earplugs. Using creative movement, the children experimented with expressing the emotions in the music.

 What a wonderful 4 months we had! It was a great pleasure to watch them become so attached to Ludwig, the man, and to see them enjoy the music so much. I always had many voices complaining when I turned the music off after a listening session! It was also great to see the Wall of Emotions (where the children wrote the emotions they heard in the music) go from the simple “happy” and “sad” to more complex ones such as “defeated” and “loved”. As I announced the end of the unit yesterday I saw a lot of disappointed faces, but many turned into smiles when I reminded them that, though our unit is over, their journey with Beethoven’s music is just beginning. There is so much more that they can listen to and make a part of their lives. Please help them do this!

To close the unit the children decided to share some of what they learned on a special video. We called it THE BEETHOVEN PROJECT and we all worked really hard on it.



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